Idle Hamster

April 19th, 2014

The Truth About iBeacons

I recently read an article on NPR about a new capability that Apple’s iBeacons gained within the latest iOS release. To summarize, an app that supports iBeacon technology no longer needs to be running to get data from those beacons. While the NPR article is fairly balance, even though it has a sensationalist headline, the comments just show a total lack of understanding of the technology. I hope this response clears up any misconceptions.

January 12th, 2014

Titanium Compiling Issue on a Mac

I had some trouble getting Titanium Studio running on my Mac this past week. But it turns out that a lot of that was because I had Xcode 5 and Xcode 5 DP2 installed on my computer. I didn't even realized that DP2 was still on the machine or that the command line interface was using it as the default even though a newer version was available. Luckily you can use the sudo xcode-select --switch /path/to/xcode to change it.

July 31st, 2013

Group_Concat Gotcha

Recently I wrote about the awesome group_concat command in MySQL. Well I ran into a little bit of a problem with it. By default the max string length is only 1024 characters. I didn’t notice this until I was working with real data and all my text was showing up truncated in app. Luckily there is an environmental variable that can increase the concat buffer, group_concat_max_len. If you’re running straight SQL, type: SET GLOBAL group_concat_max_len = 32000; or whatever size you need.

Update: Use SET SESSION so you don't run into permission issues and unintended consequences. Thanks Fletch!